To Know When (Single)

Album: To Know When (Single)
Released: Dec 27, 2011
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1. To Know When
2. Everything I Need

To Know When

Don’t ask a question if you don’t want an asnwer.
You have to let go if you can’t move any faster.
Riding your bicycle down to the water,
You don’t know when to stop. Nobody ever taught you,

To know when enough is enough
To know when it’s going to be tough
To know when the fighting has only begun

Kiss me so hard I forget where we’re going
I’ll drive a hundred without ever knowing if we’re going to heaven or burning like demons,
Right before everything starts to make sense and you know enough is enough

Everything I Need

I’ve got things I’ve never seen, and they don’t mean anything
When it’s dark, I’ll run inside
and in your arms I’ll hide

When you say you’ll never leave, it might be hard to believe
‘Cause I know you could go find someone so much more worthwhile

You know I want to believe the things you say are just what they mean

When I see those big green eyes, brigher than the sun could ever shine,
and they’re looking right through me, it gets so easy to dream

And I don’t fight the hopes inside that everything could work out this time
I can let the guards stand down. There’s no need to defend this town.
I finally believe I’ve always had everything I need.


Drums and background vocals performed by Erik Roget.
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jared Cohen in his living room and Erik Roget’s garage.
All songs by Jared Cohen (BMI), (c) + (p) 2011.