Counting Up The Years

Album: Counting Up The Years
Released: November 12, 2014
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1. The Years
2. Different Plans
3. Know Better
4. Meaning To Ask You
5. On My Way Home


The Years
This sounds like something I would’ve written in high school or my early 20’s
Singing about some pretty girl I just wanted to talk to
But the jokes on them ‘cause they’re all pregnant now
Some of them are on kid two or three
So I guess I’m behind them but I don’t feel like I’m missing anything

Back then I’d just stay home on weeknights,
Maybe watch tv… Surf the web…
Looking up some unknown facts.
Even looking for a friend
And it’s strange that what felt so important back then now feels almost meaningless
But it seems that’s just the way things always go
Perspective is a crazy thing, I guess

But kids I knew are all grown-up now
At least if you’re counting up the years
But I wonder if they’re still just children inside, sometimes overcome by fear
‘Cause I know I feel that way sometimes
Maybe I’m an unusual case
Sometimes days just feel like running through mud
There’s no way to win the race

Different Plans
Well i guess you were running around in mazes
You never got out, never got home
Now you’re wondering if there’s any way to save this
And wander off into the great unknown

You don’t know what it is
And you never will, ‘cause no one ever does
Sometimes you have to cut the cord and fall
Ain’t no guarantees, just a lot of things that you wanna be
When everything falls into place at once

It comes down to a question of being honest
And telling yourself what you really want
You can talk yourself in to almost anything
If you never think about the cost

And you’re starting to pretend
You’re a completely different man
With completely different plans
Now the time is growing thin
Where do you begin?
When does it end?

Know Better
We spend half of our lives making plans
And still don’t know where it’s gonna land
And we try and tell ourselves we can
Make any sense of what is happening

We should know better by now
I should know better by now

I spend so much time trying to make sense
Of all the things that go in and out of my head
But nothing ever works out in the end
Or at least I feel better when I think that’s how it is

I should know better by now
You should know better by now

Meaning To Ask You
There’s something I’ve been meaning to ask you
But I don’t think I have the strength
Is it just me or are things not feeling quite the same?
Maybe it’s just an illusion
A clever change of shapes
I don’t remember starting out this way

Maybe it was the silent things
That you held in your heart while your insides grew colder
Maybe it was the diamond rings
That you longed for from someone but knew I could not offer

Thinking about the beginning when everything was faked
I never considered things would rearrange
If I think about it, I knew it wasn’t safe
But there didn’t seem to be any way to make a clean escape

Everything you wanted to be was just
one of those things that wound up getting me

On My Way Home
Walking home through the park
I know you’re behind me
I just don’t want to turn around
And see you there with that look on your face
In late summer like this
the fog fills every street
You can’t see ten feet in front of you

I think you’re scared
I’m gonna leave without saying goodbye
It’s a rational fear ’cause I do that a lot
If you tell me why maybe I can stay another day or two
But if you keep quiet I’m on my way home soon


Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Stefan Macarewich.
Guitar and vocals: Jared Cohen
Guitar and bass: Spencer Askin
Drums, keys, and vocals: Stefan Macarewich
All songs written by Jared Cohen (BMI), copyright 2014.