Continental Drift EP

Album: Continental Drift EP
Released: Dec 10, 2010
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1. That’s Not Why
2. Paper Kites
3. Waiting So Long
4. If We Fall
5. Continental Drift

That’s Not Why

I see you in everything
walking around and when I dream
you never believe in me
so break my heart tonight
you know how to do it just right

I know it’s a memory
I cling to it like it’s everything
that’s ’cause it is to me
don’t tell me your name tonight
I don’t want to know, turn out the light
we’ll pretend things are fine

we can make it through til morning
we can close our eyes and fall asleep
but that’s not why I came over
that’s not why your arms are around me

from here on we’re giving in
to all of the greed and all the sin
you don’t see me walking away
we both know I’m gonna stay

don’t tell me your name tonight
I don’t want to know, turn out the light
we’ll pretend things are fine

Paper Kites

You take me in and you take me on
I’m never sure just where I’ve just gone
your words are flying like paper kites
back and forth across the sky

your eyes dance like marianettes
trying to find what you knew you’d forget
if every word I said was true
I never meant to do it to you

everything we wanted to change
has turned right into more of the same and we think about
the days that we wanted to spend doing nothing
and suddenly we’re wide awake

lighting crashes from the sky
bringing some new things to life
but they’ll only live until they die
just like you and I

Waiting So Long

I’ve been working so hard for absolutely nothing
I don’t know what im working for
we’ve been trying to hard to get anyone to notice
I don’t know what we’re trying for

maybe it makes me think that I don’t know where we’ve been
if you want me, you gotta let me in
it’s getting cold out here just waiting at your door, waiting for you to come home
i’ve been waiting so long

every evening since, I’ve been wondering where you’re headed and if I come with you
but every road I take leads me right back to the beginning and I don’t know what to do

If We Fall

if we move real slow do you think we can go without anyone knowing we’re gone?
if we run like the thieves in the movies I’ve seen, do you think we can catch the sun?
if I say please will you buckle at the knees and stay beside me day and night?
and if we fall is it one for all? or will we each be left alone to fight?

in your hand is that a sword, or a plan? aiming to kill, or hoping to mend?
and on your face is that smile, or disgrace?
i never could tell which was which until the end.
so I broke your heart, but what better way to start?
now you’ll never have to wonder what it feels like to be apart.
you’re digging down until you’ve under the sound.
you’re only hearing yourself now

Continental Drift

if I told you i’m changing
would it mean a thing after all this time?
if I wanted to do things over
do you think i could change your mind?

and if I ask you to come with me wherever I go
will you follow behind me or will you tell me no?

there’s no good way to end this
because there’s nothing left to end
all the dirt came out in the wash now
all the wrong things went unsaid

and all the things we once were proud of
now look more and more like frauds
and as we count up on our fingers
trying to figure out the odds

of making all things come together
when it feels impossible
it’s like trying to move the continents
it’s like fight the pull

I don’t know how to move on
because I don’t know what’s ahead
but if we’re just going in circles
I’d rather go alone instead


Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jared Cohen in his living room and Erik Roget’s garage.
Drums and background vocals performed by Erik Roget. Everything else performed by Jared Cohen.
All songs written by Jared Cohen (BMI), (c) + (p).
Cover Photo: Peter W Photo, 2010
Special thanks to Kenny Meyers, Michael Andrews, Nicole Meldahl, Mike Garfoot, Shanna Foley