Change of Shapes

Album: Change of Shapes
Released: July 5, 2013
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1. Anything We Want
2. Resignation
3. All Or Nothing
4. Everything Will Fall
5. No Foundation
6. Leave You Again
7. Sleeping All Day
8. Somewhere You’d Rather Be
9. Who Won
10. Making A Mess
11. The Collapse


Anything We Want

I was waiting for you once or twice
And everything you said made it feel alright
I was standing in the outside rain
And everything you did it made it hurt again
We could be anything we want

I was waiting for a change of shapes,
but everything held, everything’s the same
I was waiting for something new,
But nothing ever came, nothing ever grew
We could be anything we want

You didn’t seem to care about the things we never talked about
I don’t know why with all the things we never even tried
I don’t see how with all the things we always fought about
I don’t know why

I was standing in the freezing snow
You said you didn’t care and did it ever show
I was waiting for you once again
And everything you said made the heart grow dim
We could be anything we want


The more I drink the better this sounds
I’m starting to think you dont need me around, and no one really does.
I’m barely holding on.

Don’t tell me it’s okay, I see through that shit
Just tell me I’m right, I’m okay with it

It’s dark outside and I can’t see without lights
Is there ground in front of me?
Take a step and hold my breath

All or Nothing

On that road where your parents lived
I’ve been told every house is haunted
I don’t know which one you grew up in
But I’d burn it down if it’s what you wanted…

Take my hand and come with me
There’s just so much we’ve got to see
The sun rising over the sand
Opens your eyes up, makes you understand

I don’t know why it’s got to be all or nothing for you
It ain’t that way for me
When I look into your eyes I see
Everything you want to be

Wake up slow and let the light come in
Write the whole world down with your pen
Don’t stop and hear what I’m trying to say
You never listened that good anyway

I tell you all the things I want to see
‘Cause I want you there with me
It’s okay if we’re dying as long as you’re going down with me

Everything Will Fall

I look you in the eyes and I ask you where you’ve been
You just look away, it’s getting harder to pretend
I’m getting tired of running the same race
And only seeing signs written on your face
I don’t want to fight, I’ve done it too many times
I know how it’ll go, I know it line for line

And if everything will fall the way it falls
Then we can’t move it at all

Now it’s different
All the life is draining, the substance is wearing thin
What here is worth saving?
I can’t think of anything
Time in for the failing, this is coming to an end

As time runs out you can’t help but wonder, and think aloud
What have we been doing here?
Was any of this fair?
When the house is on fire, it’s time to run for air.

No Foundation

Through blinding lights I see you shaking
And I don’t know why you keep coming back here

Under all this weight we are breaking
Maybe tomorrow there will be a way out

I can’t be what I can’t see
I can’t say what I don’t mean
I don’t know what you need

All the cards left on the table
Who wins now, in a house of paper?
For all we said now we’re able to close the door and start it over

And if you tell me that you you’ve made a big mistake
I guess I know what to do

Leave You Again

I was born a thousand miles form here
But it doesn’t change a single thing I feel
You want me to believe
I can get away from everything I see

You were the wrong way to get me out of this

Every road leads to an open door
But it doesn’t help if i don’t know what im looking for
Everything feels so brand new
‘Cause I’m seeing it all for the first time without you

The way you said goodbye
Made me want to leave you again
It reminds me that I’m not a better man

All the things I thought were true
Have been run into the ground because of you
And for everywhere we’ve been
I still don’t think it was worth the time we spent

The way you said goodbye
Made me want to leave you again
I’m sorry that I’m not a better man

Sleeping All Day

I’ve been sleeping all day
But I’m doing okay

All the things you want lie under the sun
All the things you were, they fly away

You’ve been thinking all week
But you don’t want to speak

Somewhere You’d Rather Be

I don’t want to talk about anything tonight
Everything I see looks like colored light
I hear a song playing softly from next door
It’s Thunder Road and it makes me want you more

Cable cars pass by below
Children play, they don’t need to know…
That on the second floor someone’s making mistakes
Or falling in love, or close enough, give or take

I don’t know why I thought tonight would be any different that before
We both know there’s somewhere you’d rather be a thousand times more

Your weapons fire
I duck out of the way
“I need you tonight,” is all that I can say
But it’s good enough, cause it keeps you here
So I’ll say it again, softly into your ear

Who Won

You’re still wondering what happened here,
because you don’t understand until I say it slowly
And I’ve been keeping secrets from you for so long
You don’t even know which ones

And its all you want to talk about cause you don’t see whats going on
But if breaking the rules is allowed then how do we know who won?
It’s not worth thinking about ’cause i’ve moved on
But it’s all you want to talk about

Nothing good comes from pulling it apart
I won’t stop you if that’s what you want

I don’t know where you’ve been, and I don’t want to know at all
You can do your damn thing but don’t call me when you fall
It was never what you wanted to be, you just can’t see it yet
Some things are easier to just forget

Nothing good comes from pulling it apart
I won’t stop you if that’s what you want
You’d be better off just to leave it alone

There’s no reason to investigate what brought down the ship
It was all of the weight
You know we were taking on water
We drifted to sea, we should’ve been smarter

Making A mess

I’m just making a mess. That’s what you said, isn’t it?
And when you said it’s the best, I didn’t believe a word you said

You weren’t there at the fall, you couldn’t see it at all
If you knew it was gone, why did you let things carry on?

I don’t know what to say,
You were the one that I prayed, the one that I craved
You make it all go away and I can’t make you stay

The Collapse

I’ve been waiting for you to come home since the day you hit the road
And the only comfort I know is that you can’t stay gone forever

A heart is breaking in the wind but you don’t care, you’ve never sinned
Slowly nowIi begin to see what you really are

I’m looking all the way through and I can see what you want me to
Past everything I ever knew

When it all comes falling down, tarnishing your counterfeit crown,
And driving you deep into the ground, don’t expect me to be watching
You’ll be left wondering what lies deep inside of me
Pouring over history and what becomes of us after the collapse

If you’re wondering where I am, I guess you haven’t heard a sound
I haven’t moved
I’m right here on the ground


Recorded by Jared Cohen. Mixed and mastered by Jared Cohen and Erik Roget.
Drums, melodica, saxophone, and background vocals performed by Erik Roget.
All songs written by Jared Cohen (BMI), (c) + (p) 2013.

Special thanks to Shanna Foley, Nicole Meldahl, Jon Madden, Justin Cleveland, Michelle Morrison, Luke Hamel, Spencer Askin, and everyone else who helped make the record possible.