Jared Cohen was raised on a steady diet of folk music and classic rock and roll in sunny Southern California. Teaching himself to play an electric guitar given to him for his 13th birthday, he began writing music and found his way into several bands as a teen. Performing solo by the end of high school, Jared’s prolific songwriting has produced seven self-recorded, self-released albums in the span of six years. His first mature venture as a solo artist came under the name of concept: bravery, a title born from the notion that courage frees us from the fear of failure and the trappings of status, and brings us closer to the extraordinary. As everything begins with a concept, so did the music of Jared Cohen.

Jared brought concept: bravery to the Bay Area when he relocated from San Diego to San Francisco in 2006. In residence since then, he has continued to write and perform his own music in the City by the Bay, and in 2009 was part of a short-lived garage rock ensemble of locals who billed themselves as Bright Blues. That same year saw the release of the concept: bravery album The Trouble With Pretending, and a companion EP of songs titled Six Mysteries. In 2010, Jared began performing under his own name, releasing the Continental Drift EP—a fully electrified, multi-instrumental effort recorded with Bright Blues drummer Erik Roget in a Sunset District garage. To support this EP and his then-upcoming single “To Know When,” Jared took his band down the coast of California for a string of shows in the winter of 2010.

A new year brought work on a new album, and 2012 returned Jared and Erik to the “studio.” The result was his first full-length album, Change of Shapes, which features richly textured guitars and heavily layered instrumentation to form a classic work of indie rock.

Counting Up The Years, released on November 12, 2014, offers listeners a fresh dose of California rock and roll. Packing everything from heavy guitars, to smooth pop, to arena rock choruses, and even a thoughtful acoustic song, Counting Up The Years has something for everyone. Cohen continues to develop his introspective lyrics while expanding his musical horizons even further.

Original Bio By: Nicole Meldahl.